FANTASYLAND HOTEL, EDMONTON, AB  •  November 1-3, 2018

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Shauna Dowson

Shauna Dowson has worked in play based physical education for 26 years.  A graduate of the former bachelor's of physical education program (now kinesiology, Sport and Recreation).  Shauna opened a business for children 2-12 years old in local communities to learn sports in a positive safe environment.  Using a Teach Games for Understanding model she has taught skating, gymnastics, soccer, hockey, track and field, football, etc.  With these skill sets in tow Shauna was hired by Edmonton Public Schools as an adapted physical education consultant and continues supporting learners from vast physical, emotional and cognitive capabilities to enjoy movement and engaging socially,  In her spare time Shauna is a passionate soccer coach and shares this passion with her 3 sons and she is one of a handful of active licensed women soccer coaches in the province.