FANTASYLAND HOTEL, EDMONTON, AB  •  November 1-3, 2018

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Dr. Kathryn Smith

Alberta Education
Senior Manager
Kathryn Smith received her PhD in Elementary Education from the University of Alberta. The focus of her doctoral and master’s research was musical play in early childhood. Dr. Smith was awarded the Phi Delta Kappa outstanding dissertation award in 2008 for her work, Musical Play and Scaffolding in Early Childhood. She served as a consultant for Edmonton Public Schools and as director of the Child Study Centre at the University of Alberta. Kathryn’s teaching experiences include international, urban, and rural school settings. She most recently was a sessional instructor at the University of Alberta in the Department of Elementary Education where she taught curriculum and pedagogy classes in music education. She has publications in a variety of scholarly journals on the topic of song-based picture books and their value in supporting literacy development as well as in edited books with a focus on musical play and scaffolding in early childhood. She is well known for the music workshops and research presentations that she has given locally, nationally, and internationally. Dr. Smith is currently a Senior Manager for Arts Education in the Early Years Branch at Alberta Education.